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In February, Ben Steefel (Spyglass Principal Consultant) wrote about the top-4 reasons why you should hire a consultant; objectivity, expertise, support, and networking. In theoretical discussion, any healthcare organization would welcome consultant support. Ultimately, cost-benefit is the most significant factor in turning theoretical into reality. Return on investment (ROI) has become the key to success for consultants looking to grow their practice and help partners meet their benchmarked goals.

Do healthcare organizations profit from hiring an external consultant? In short, yes. Here’s how:

  1. Aligning infrastructure and technology with processes will maximize effectiveness.

Healthcare organizations are frequently relying on consultant support to perform analysis and implementation of new, innovative technology and other infrastructure. Technology costs continue go down as more CRM, ERP, and EHR enter the space. Development firms are facing unprecedented market competition and product cost savings are frequently overlooked by organizations who get complacent with their current systems. Utilizing a consulting agency will not only improve your agency’s productivity by identifying the most effective resources but also save valuable resources by strategically negotiating rates.

  1. Narrowing project or department focus.

As an organization grows, it’s easy to lose focus. For most agencies, you’re better off dropping a target market than chasing a new one. Sometimes a good idea is only good for so long, but as healthcare leaders, we can be too hesitate to cut-and-run when a venture no longer becomes supportive of the bottom-line. Involving a consultant in your strategic planning process, business development planning, and budgeting can help you to identify significant cost-savings in the form of infrastructure and manpower.

  1. Improved communication improves productivity.

We all know that communication and messaging is critical to the success of any organization or project. Without effective communication, key planning and execution steps can get lost in translation, buried by other tasks, or not completed to standard. Experienced consultants are expert communicators. They understand how to navigate the different levels of an organization to provide enhanced outcomes and effective workflow. Instead of functioning within a traditional organizational tree (top-down), consultants can work from every necessary direction to bridge the natural gaps established by leadership structures.

As healthcare organizations continue to operate on tighter-and-tighter budgets, we understand the financial risk in bringing on a consulting agency. Spyglass would love to talk to you about your concerns and discuss strategies to mitigate risk when engaging outside help. Please contact us anytime at 610-799-7400 or