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The progression of effective, evidence-based practices is fundamental to the Spyglass mission. We are committed to supporting organizations to find innovative solutions for their daily clinical procedures. Healthcare settings are dynamic and living work environments that require up-to-date and modern answers to the rapidly-changing needs of their patients and clients. 

An increasing volume of literature indicates that the use of workshops as a training resources for new practices is ineffective at influencing clinician’s behavior and, as such, impacting patient outcomes. Utilizing ongoing expert consultation and coaching is far more effective in seeing measurable, therapeutic results. When Spyglass partners with an organization to provide Evidence-Based Coaching (EBC), we are able to train clinicians on proven treatment methods and then track changes over time to ensure that the assumed outcomes are being achieved.

Spyglass understands what works and what doesn’t in the EBC process. Typical training methods usually include printed educational materials which have little effect on therapist or patient outcomes. Research has examined provider-level behavior change for healthcare providers, emphasizing the role of ongoing EBC over time. Specifically, this investigation indicates the importance of ongoing engagement, specific feedback provided quickly, and the use of dynamic training approaching that address individualized needs as well as new obstacles to implementation as they arise.

The Spyglass blueprint for Evidence-Based Coaching

  1. Continued training
  2. Problem-solving implementation barriers
  3. Provider engagement
  4. Care support
  5. Accountability
  6. Mastery skill-building
  7. Appropriate treatment adaptation
  8. Planning for sustainability

Spyglass is always interested in learning about the evidence-based practices that you’re implementing. Email us if you’d like to learn more about our training and coaching solutions: or call us directly at 610-799-7400.