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Businesses around the world spend more than $50 billion per year on outsourced Human Resource management. The role of HR has now started to drastically shift and the challenges of effective HR leadership focus more on digital evolution than traditional HR logistics. Many small and large organizations choose to outsource their human resource services because they believe that it’s cheaper than hiring dedicated staff and purchasing the necessary infrastructure to provide employee support services virtually. This is an easy assumption to make but is usually wrong.

As HR outsourcing has grown globally, so have vendor costs. Contracts are inflexible and most organizations never actually achieve their HR goals using a contractor. The most important role of human resources is to have a comprehensive understanding of your organization and your people. An effective HR staff will be immersed in your day-to-day operations. They’ll spend time to get to know your employees and to openly listen to direct feedback. We do our staff a disservice by hiring an outside resource to be their HR representation – this takes the organizational pulse out of human resources.

Keys to HR optimization

  1. Digital human resource design and implementation
  2. Put the human back in human resources by building bridges between HR and employees
  3. People analytics that go beyond support and drive tactical decision making

Our team at Spyglass Solutions will partner with your leadership group to identify the ideal digital resources for your HR management. Our experts have decades of experience in human resource IT implementation, including training services, benefit management, payroll, and building KPI dashboards. Unlike a contracted HR service who offers cookie-cutter solutions, we assess our organizational partners from ceiling-to-floor and make detailed recommendations based on your specific needs.

Additionally, we will support you in recruiting, hiring, and training HR staff that you will need to make sure that we’ve built a sustainable model for long-term growth. Once we’ve curated your HR foundation, you won’t need to rely on big-cost vendors and can truly begin to connect with your employees from the inside-out.

Technology isn’t optional in today’s healthcare environment. IT services are a critical component that enhance the quality of care by organizing data, connecting providers with patients, and enhancing care experiences. Healthcare IT consulting through Spyglass can support your organization to overcome limited or low-level IT experience and provide effective implementation of digital healthcare services. We work directly with hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, labs, outpatient centers and other healthcare organizations with IT consulting. These services include infrastructure engineering, electronic health record (EHR) research and implementation, data planning, project management, systems development, research and long-term planning.

The Spyglass Information Technology mission

  1. Create dynamic digital tools
  2. Provide digital patient care
  3. Optimize internal processes
  4. Improve technology infrastructure

Spyglass uses technology experts with knowledge of modern tools and services that help enable our partners with customized and creative solutions that focus on security, scalability, and integrity. We believe that enabling and supporting your organization to build a core set of cutting-edge services and resources, you will impact both user experience and patient care simultaneously.

We want to build the infrastructure that you want, so our process is tailored to your organization. Our industry experts will listen to your company’s ideas and collaborate with you to see those ideas to fruition. It’s easy to become comfortable with antiquated and inefficient technology that you may have become used to using over many years. The process of modernizing can also be intimidating. How much time will it take? How much will it cost? How will staff output be impacted while our employees get used to the new service? These are all critical questions that we consider seriously throughout the process. As we get to know you and your organization, we‘ll tactfully generate a map to mitigate IT growing pains and support a seamless modernization of your technology services.

We’d love to learn about what your organization is doing to carry their information technology services into the future. Contact us at 610-799-7400 or to learn more about partnering with Spyglass IT and HR consultants.