Oasis Engage for Retention and Team Building

Oasis Engage is an innovative solution to address the organizational challenges of staff retention and team building. Led by Jodi Whitcomb, Senior Consultant, our Oasis programming is cultivated specifically to meet the needs of your agency and your teams. 87% of human resources leaders consider staff retention as their #1 priority and we’re here to help.

Oasis Engage is a professional training and product service used to reduce burnout, process vicarious workplace trauma, manage compassion fatigue and work stress, decrease anxiety, and exponentially improve employee engagement in the workplace. The Oasis certification process is a three-day, intensive training provided to members of your team who you have designated as Oasis Engage Professionals. Once trained, your Oasis staff will be armed with resources and tools to address critical workplace causes of staff turnover and support proactive engagement and team building exercises.

In a survey of more than 100 professionals who have worked with Oasis, 99% said that they would recommend it to their colleagues.

Why is staff retention and team building critical for organizational success?

The average employee exist costs 33% of their annual salary.
A lack of appropriate management skills and resources makes employees 4x more likely to resign.
Employees that don’t feel recognized when they do great work are 2x more likely to be job hunting.
Millennials are 22x more likely to work for a company with a high trust culture.
95% of HR leaders admit employee burnout is sabotaging workforce retention.
Employees who believe their company has a higher purpose than just profits are 27% more likely to stay at their companies.
Employees who are committed and engaged at work perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave their current company.

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