Oasis Response Team for Community Crisis Support

Spyglass is the exclusive management partner for the Oasis Response Team, an innovative solution for community crisis support. The Oasis Response Team is a highly trained group of professionals located in Pennsylvania who routinely respond to community-based crisis in-person or virtually. 

Unfortunately, tragedy strikes swiftly and without warning. Whether impacting a school, workplace, or community, when a crisis occurs, internal support staff are frequently tasked with due diligence, paperwork, and other regulatory processes which distract from being able to effectively debrief those impacted by the tragedy. The Oasis Response Team is quickly called into a crisis situation to directly engage with those impacted. One school administrator commented following a crisis response: “It was amazing to see our staff decompress… I don’t think that many even realized how stressed they actually are.”

Some of the crisis events we have responded to include:


School shootings and community violence


Natural disasters


Major accidents


Suicide and accidental deaths


Staff, teacher, and faculty deaths


Terror attacks on September 11, 2001

Let us know how we can support you and the communities you serve.