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Spyglass is the exclusive provider of the Oasis Certification; an innovative solution to enhance individual and group support in schools, communities, and healthcare environments. Oasis uses carefully curated products, supplies, and materials to develop safe, comforting, and engaging spaces which are facilitated by a Certified Oasis Administrator (COA) to relieve common and critical human distress. Oasis is a dynamic service developed to support professionals, students, clients, and patients.

In a survey of more than 100 professionals who have worked with Oasis, 99% said that they would recommend Oasis to their colleagues. Although Oasis services were initially developed to provide crisis aid following a critical incident, the application of our deliverables have evolved to effectively promote individual and group self-care. Your Certified Oasis Administrator will be able to use Oasis to engage with professionals, clients, and students prior to event escalation, and support emotional health wellbeing from a holistic approach. By engaging early, Oasis will reduce the rate of staff burn-out and minimize the risk of behavioral crisis.