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The COVID-19 pandemic has been modern history’s single-greatest challenge to our healthcare system and has led to the largest international cultural shift since September 11, 2001. Organizations, communities, corporations, regulators, and governments that are used to due process and procedure are now trying to adjust their strategies to cope with rapid development and ever-changing situations. The overall cost to our communities is immeasurable and it may take years before we can understand the full economic impact. The Spyglass Solutions team of healthcare executives have hundreds of years of collective experience negotiating organizational turmoil and community crisis. 

Our consultants are available to provide expert guidance and logistical support to your organization. We can help you understand the keys to survival through COVID-19. This includes information on PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) loans and loan forgiveness, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) procurement and management, screening protocols, CDC updates, and effective quarantining and contract tracing.

Healthcare organizations have barely enough manpower to operate on a good day and many will make the mistake of reallocating pertinent staff to COVID-support functions which will then take away from caring for patients, program oversight, and executive strategy. The long-term organizational cost of contracting with an outside vendor, like Spyglass, is ultimately much lower than the burden that reallocation will have on the rest of your systems. 

Each of our partners will face their own unique challenges as they prioritize the safety of their patients and staff, and the continuity of business operations. There are hundreds of key decisions to be made in the coming months which will provide a foundation for the future. Unfortunately, so many businesses don’t have the necessary staff resources to move beyond treading water and start planning for life-after-COVID. We’ve started to assist our partners with COVID-19 exit strategies. This planning includes support with vaccine acquisition, administration, and screening.

Although it felt like the COVID-19 virus changed the world overnight, the recovery process looks much different. We create a blueprint for our partners to use to effectively and strategically shift operations back to normal. This process must be tactical and deliberate.

The consulting team at Spyglass Solutions features more than 100 years of cumulative psychiatric and behavioral healthcare leadership experience. We offer a client-focused and customized approach to supporting and informing psychiatric center operations to our partners. We achieve this by delivering action plans that enable your organization to conceptualize goals and measure efficiencies. Our experienced hospital consulting team works in partnership with business development and data research experts to assess and optimize your operations from the top-down.

Institutional providers face progressively complex challenges that inevitably have financial, organizational, management, and legal consequences. In a psychiatric care environment, it’s vital to have a comprehensive operational approach that connects all of your physical and human resources through optimized logistics and efficient planning. Spyglass has a proven track record of generating significant and lasting financial benefit through advanced psychiatric care innovation.

We partner with existing healthcare systems and new organizations to establish operations based on best-practices and effective operational strategies. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Conducting quality assessment and improvement development, population-based activities relating to enhancing health or reducing care costs, and case management and care coordination.
  • Reviewing the competence and/or qualifications of care staff, evaluating provider and plan performance, training, accreditation, certification, licensing, and credentialing.
  • Underwriting and other activities relating to the implementation, renewal, or replacement of a contract of insurance benefits, and ceding, securing, or placing a contract for reinsurance of risk relating to claims.
  • Performing or arranging for medical review, legal, and auditing services, including fraud and abuse detection and compliance departments.
  • Business plan development, cost-management and planning analysis related to managing and operating a psychiatric center.
  • Business management with general administrative activities. Implementing and complying with healthcare legislation, enhancing customer service, grievance process and resolution, fundraising, sale or transfer of assets, and creating and managing healthcare data.

Community improvement is a foundational pillar at Spyglass Solutions and we’re motivated to provide guidance to organizations in need of strategic support at significantly discounted rates. We will also do our best to price-match any other consulting organization in providing COVID-19 support services. Contact us directly at or by phone at 610-799-7400.