President and CEO | Spyglass Solutions

Patrick Slattery

Principal Consultant

Patrick is a dynamic healthcare leader who offers a critical composite perspective to any new strategic initiative or organizational challenge. He has a deep commitment to serving communities around the United States and seeing the positive change that comprehensive healthcare can make to the lives of clients and their families. Driving the strategy of any organization requires strong collaboration, professional skill and broad partnerships to cultivate success and Patrick has developed important competencies and strategic connections used as a foundation for service excellence and the tactical growth. Patrick has considerable experience in healthcare program implementation and advancement, strategic planning, real estate development, staffing, and marketing. Patrick remains mission-driven and focused on contributing to individual communities through patient-and-family-focused healthcare improvement, innovation, and expansion.

Benjamin Steefel

Principal Consultant

Ben has a wealth of experience in behavioral healthcare program and product development, clinical operations, project management, and entrepreneurship. As a project leader, he operationalizes top-line, bottom-line revenue growth and full lifecycle service growth. Working with national non-profit healthcare organizations and community programs, he has led new business initiatives from conception to fruition. Ben has worked with high schools, colleges, and universities to enhance student and faculty experience through evidenced-based and revenue-producing services. He has built a reputation of consistently outperforming financial and census benchmarks across behavioral healthcare continuums. Using outside-the-box thinking, Ben has introduced countless new revenue stream concepts to organizations and has expertly managed complex multidisciplinary project management groups to support organization optimization and consistency.

Dawn DiCicco | Spyglass Solutions

Dawn DiCicco

Senior Consultant

Dawn brings more than 25 years of residential treatment experience to SpyGlass Solutions as an expert in family support services, co-occurring disorders and substance abuse. She understands how to elevate the quality of clinical care in any environment to meet and exceed the expectations of the client, family, and payer. Her proficiencies span the entire treatment continuum from direct care oversight to long-term client success planning.

Dawn has led programs for alcohol and drug abusers, veterans, students with disabilities, and families impacted by behavioral or mental health. As a qualified MSW supervisor, Dawn maintains a passion for grooming and developing effective clinicians and supervisors and understands the critical importance of clinical team development and organization. She is instrumental in the long-term development and implementation of evidence-based treatment practices and ensuring that providers can effectively provide the best possible care to their clients.

Dominick Disalvo

Senior Consultant

Dominick is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has managed key healthcare decision making for more than a decade. Through critical analysis and development, his leadership ensures that clinical services are optimized and efficient. Additionally, Dominick is a nationally certified Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapist (TF-CBT) and was first in the United States to receive recertification. Dominick’s approach to clinical development starts with identifying evidenced-based and patient-focused utilities that can grow and be investigated through data-driven research.

In 2020, Dominick was named Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Council of Children, Youth and Family Services and was appointed by Governor Tom Wolf to be a member of the Juvenile Justice Task Force. He strives to continue bringing innovative and results-oriented practices to healthcare organizations who are community service leaders believing in putting people first.

Joan Erney

Senior Consultant

Joan is a seasoned executive with 35+ year’s healthcare leadership experience. Under her guidance, Philadelphia expanded Medicaid coverage to over 700,000 residents. She has been noted for developing a collaborative approach with providers, members, advocates and system partners to effect positive change to the behavioral health landscape. Joan has overseen numerous successful initiatives to improve access to and the quality of children’s services and has been on the frontlines of leading the fight against America’s opioid epidemic.

Joan also served as the Deputy Secretary for Pennsylvania’s Office of Mental Health and Substance Use Services where she managed statewide healthcare initiatives. She brings a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience to the Spyglass team and is a tremendous resource for identifying best-fit, evidence-based solutions to improve quality of care and community health and wellbeing.

Bryan Facchiano | Senior Director of Information

Bryan Facchiano

Senior Consultant

Bryan is on the forefront of optimizing business systems for the modern healthcare organization. He’s managed several key support departments over the past 25 years.  His experience includes service line administration, training, project management, information technology, and leading diverse teams for custom advancement, as well as application optimization. Bryan excels in process improvement, application innovation, data integration, vendor selection, enterprise application implementation and application support strategies. 

Bryan’s passion falls in the intersection of technology and clinical/financial workflows. The goal of these initiatives is to enable an organization to be more efficient, more focused and more agile.  Understanding that people are a key component in any technology project, Bryan understands both the hard and soft aspects of implementing technology throughout a healthcare continuum of care.

Marty Ferrero | Spyglass Solutions

Marty Ferrero

Senior Consultant

Marty has been in the field of behavioral health treatment since 1996. His career has spanned the United States, including service on clinical leadership teams in Oregon and Pennsylvania. He holds several national and international credentials in mental and behavioral health. Marty’s dedication to patient care has made him a pillar in the national behavioral health treatment community. He regularly meets with industry leaders to discuss advances in treatment and strategy.

In his 20+ year career, Marty has spearheaded project management, development, and implementation of specialized behavioral health, mental health, and addictions treatment services. He’s built effective and lucrative programs which have carried non-profit organizations through financial challenges. Marty is a passionate clinician with an unparalleled ability to connect with patients and therapists and he has a comprehensive understanding of how to develop effective clinical milieus that will impact peoples’ lives.

Aaron Garner Headshot

Aaron Garner

Senior Consultant

Aaron is an energetic, results-driven professional with over 30 years of experience in financial services and behavioral health senior leadership, strategic planning, marketing, and business development.  During his professional tenure, he has managed the foundational strategies for several organizations needing to modernize market planning through tactical and innovative leadership. Aaron is skilled at developing and executing sales and marketing plans as well as recruiting, training and motivating high performing sales teams. 

Aaron has assisted organizations in building out structured marketing and business development functions and departments within various industries. He has an extensive network of professionals and works in partnership with executive teams to build aggressive, practical and measurable marketing goals. Aaron is self-motivated and eager to collaborate with growth-oriented companies to achieve aggressive sales, marketing and business development goals.

Robert Martin

Senior Consultant

In a career spanning nearly forty years, Bob Martin has earned a reputation as a master of multiple communications disciplines.  Since graduating from Purdue University he has been an award-winning broadcast journalist, a Congressional aide, and a corporate communications, public relations and community affairs professional for a number of major national organizations and brands in the publishing, manufacturing and healthcare fields.  His expertise includes strategic communications planning and execution, with a focus on how to craft messaging that resonates with target audiences across all traditional and digital platforms.  Bob also brings extensive experience to bear to the challenges involved with media performance and public speaking, internal and employee communications, public relations, executive-level messaging support and crisis communications activities.

Ann McCauley

Senior Consultant

Ann has served in key leadership positions including Executive Director, President and owner of for-profit and not-for-profit entities.  With each opportunity, Ann demonstrates her ability to quickly determine the critical path for success and eliminate non-essential activities.  Ann has exceptional skills for building a strong team and a network of support through Board development, community outreach and engagement strategies. Some of her professional accomplishments include transforming an organization with 14-years of revenue losses into a profitable business within 10 months and reviving a struggling non-profit firm that was mired in legal challenges by introducing new, creative revenue sources. Ann has experience leading national marketing and strategic planning initiatives and she now oversees a team of passionate fundraisers. Ann is a critical thinker and powerful networker, having recruited and developed multiple boards and built foundational donor bases for multiple organizations.

Ken Olson

Senior Consultant

Ken is an experienced child welfare and behavioral health professional who has held executive positions in for profit and not-for-profit organizations.  He has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and graduate training in health care policy and finance. He has led national provider associations, including terms as President and Public Policy Committee Chair of the Family Focused Treatment Association (an association of over 500 agencies in the US and Canada). A licensed clinical professional counselor, a former therapeutic foster parent, and an accomplished public speaker, Mr. Olson has expertise in public policy and advocacy, community program development, quality improvement and executive mentoring. Ken’s career has been rooted in the belief that small change can create big impact and he believes in influencing positive change in communities from the ground up.

Thomas Rawlings

Senior Consultant

Tom brings his long career in juvenile justice, child protection, and capacity-building to the needs of organizations serving children in the US and around the world. He holds a law degree from the University of Georgia and a Masters’ degree in International Human Rights Law from Oxford University (UK). Certified by the National Association of Counsel for Children as Child Welfare Law Specialist, he understands how to create a just culture for your organization as well as how to implement best practices in protecting and serving children, especially those children with special needs. He formerly served as an abogado consultor for the Mexican government and worked to protect children of Mexican citizens living in the US. In addition to his work in the US, Tom has worked internationally to build and lead a team of professionals who work with government prosecutors and courts to protect and treat child sexual abuse victims, prosecute offenders, and train child abuse professionals.

Eric Webber | Spyglass Solutions

Eric Webber

Senior Consultant

Eric brings decades of experience in specialized behavioral and mental healthcare to the Spyglass team and has a proven approach to developing clinical leadership and treatment spaces. He has pioneered care systems for several critical client groups including executives, chronic relapsers, and legal professionals. He provides industry-best leadership and oversight of dynamic treatment groups and diverse multidisciplinary teams. In partnership with Chief Clinical Officers, Chief Program Officers, and Vice Presidents, Eric establishes innovative services based on market need and his intuitive ability to understand the unique requirements of a client or patient population.

Additionally, Eric is a trainer for the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs and the Pennsylvania Certification Board. He also holds certifications in alcohol and drug counseling, problem gambling, sex addition therapy and multiple addictions therapy.

Jodi Whitcomb

Senior Consultant

Jodi has more than 25 years of experience working in children’s mental and behavioral healthcare. Her experience spans the continuum of supporting children, adults, families, and communities. She has also managed the Oasis Response Team for the last two decades, which responds to significant traumatic events impacting children, professionals, and surrounding neighborhoods. Jodi has presented nationally on trauma, bullying, parenting, child safety, and crisis response and intervention. She has been on the cutting edge of behavioral health product development and designs and leads national initiatives to improve care quality through creative product solutions and innovation. Jodi has also led development and implementation for curriculum instruction to address direct care needs in 25 different healthcare areas including trauma, resilience, suicide prevention, bullying and aggression, child and adolescent development, preventing boundary breaking and abusive relationships, lifespace crisis intervention, critical incident response, and leadership development.

“If you can move people by inspiring and building their confidence to own and drive your new strategy, they will be committed to seeing change through and overcoming the organizational constraints you confront.”

W. Chan Kim