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Spyglass Solutions specializes in developing comprehensive treatment environments for children, teenagers and adults. Physical environments can be overlooked by healthcare administrators. We’re focused on critical operational factors such as staffing, clinical care, contracts, and risk management. Establishing key differentiating factors as a healthcare provider has never been more important to edging out marketing competition as it is today. Many of our partners look to gain the competitive advantage by enhancing their care environments. Spyglass has spent decades strategically designing and outfitting infrastructure to best support children and teens receiving healthcare. More recently, providers have placed additional focus on establishing cutting edge environments for adult patients, too.

The Spyglass clinical team, in partnership with our development experts, are very excited to continue to customize product solutions for partners to establish safe, secure, comforting, and enjoyable healthcare environments. Here are just some of the product solutions we have customized to meet the needs of patients and improve the healthcare experience:

  1. Comprehensive healthcare building planning and development
  2. Children’s hospital waiting areas and bedrooms
  3. Therapeutic rooms for aging adult care and hospice
  4. Behavioral and mental healthcare de-escalation areas
  5. Behavioral and mental healthcare therapeutic break environments
  6. Pediatrician waiting areas and doctors’ offices
  7. Emergency room design and development
  8. Urgent care and triage design
  9. Outpatient and social services environments

Interested in having a custom Spyglass development quote for your healthcare organization? Contact our team at or 610-799-7400.