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Spyglass Solutions is a subdivision of KidsPeace and serves as a consulting practice and product sales platform. Recently, Ben Steefel and Patrick Slattery were featured on the Conversations with KidsPeace podcast to discuss their new Spyglass initiative, the vision for Spyglass consulting services, and the impact on KidsPeace.

Spyglass offers partners high-level consulting, training, and product solutions in a timely, efficient and cost-friendly manner, to help our partners focus on the success of their business. From its base in Pennsylvania, Spyglass supports national, international, state, and community healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and policy influencers to reach their goals. Whether they are purchasing a product or engaging our consulting services, the Spyglass approach is individualized to the needs of our partners. At Spyglass, we don’t offer “cookie-cutter” solutions that may have worked for another partner at some point; we work to understand the short-term and long-term challenges that you face before we begin applying our expert experience to address those challenges with tactical solutions.

Spyglass consultants have hundreds of years’ experience in navigating complex challenges within large and small communities. Our leadership team works to understand our partners’ goals, and then assigns the best-fit consultant to lead project management and delivery. The Spyglass “CAP-BE” approach — Connect, Assess, Plan, Build, and Execute — has been developed to allow our consultants to understand your “big-picture,” which ensures the integrity of our work. Furthermore, Spyglass believes in comprehensive customer service. You will always meet with one of our executive leaders following completion of a project before we close a contract.

Spyglass products (Oasis) are evidence-based solutions that provide healthcare and educational environments critical support in times of crisis, and can improve attitudes, outcomes, and behaviors when utilized on a regular basis. Just like Spyglass’s consulting offerings, an Oasis certification is tailored to our partners’ individual needs and goals to improve the quality of engagement for staff and those you serve in your organization. And becoming a Certified Oasis Location (C.O.L.) can be a useful external marketing tool; it means that your school or center has expertly trained Oasis Administrators and offers our evidence-based, trauma-informed products to enhance the experience of your staff, students, clients, and patients. This makes you more attractive to individuals seeking healthcare or academic services, as well as for professionals choosing an employer who believes in promoting self-care and reducing burnout.

If you’re looking for comprehensive healthcare consulting services please contact us at 610-799-7400 or