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Healthcare organizations are actively facing funding gaps and staffing shortages and are turning to outside agencies to support their workforce needs. Spyglass Solutions specializes in nurse, physician, school, and allied staffing, training, and development. Our dynamic recruitment and training services support the ever-changing needs of our partners as they grow and evolve over time. Our HR executives have managed the on-boarding for more than 20,000 employees and their subsequent training. Our staffing support services are offered through a 2-step model:

Step 1, Analysis:

  • Retention evaluation and strategy
  • Internal interviewing and discovery
  • Understanding the cost of a bad hire to your organization
  • Establish individualized candidate profiles

Step 2, Recruiting:

  • National candidate sourcing campaign
  • Screenings for physician and direct-care professionals
  • Pre-interview execution
  • Comprehensive, written profile of qualified applicants
  • Interview itinerary and development
  • Post-interview debriefing and process management
  • Candidate support in making time-sensitive decisions
  • Credential management and review
  • Relocation assistance

Whether you’re an established multi-site healthcare organization needing temporary support to fill a specific position, assistance with an executive search, or help in backfilling a large number of openings, or a private practice looking to expand but need HR support and experience, we can help you throughout the entire process. Furthermore, it’s our goal to help you to build an organic staffing infrastructure so that you no longer need to rely on costly recruiting agencies. We will assist you in meeting your recruiting needs and will help train your teams to continue effective staff management after we’re done.

Training and development is key to organizational success. We provide ongoing training and development plans for the staff we support in hiring, or we can work directly with your existing employees to assess, plan, and implement new training strategies and infrastructure. We will help you to identify the best digital training platform to use based on the individualized needs of your teams, help structure training and development plans, and we’ll train your trainers based on measurable production benchmarks.

Interested in learning more about our staffing and training services? Contact us at or at 610-799-7400.