Technology Advancement Services

The technology team at Spyglass Solutions has knowledge of modern tools and services that help enable our partners with customized and creative solutions that focus on security, scalability, and integrity. We want to build the infrastructure that you want, so our process is tailored to your organization. Our industry experts will listen to your agency’s ideas and collaborate with you to see those ideas to fruition. In an ever-evolving individualized care system, we work with our partners to make sure that clients receive individual care for individual needs without overcomplicating technology systems.

The process of modernizing can be intimidating. How much time will it take? How much will it cost? How will staff output be impacted while our employees get used to the new service? These are all critical questions that we consider seriously throughout the process. As we get to know you and your organization, we‘ll tactfully generate a map to mitigate IT growing pains and support a seamless modernization of your technology services. Our goal is to optimize internal processes, improve technology infrastructure and create dynamic digital tools that will become part of your future:

  • Opportunity to support process improvement
  • Process feedback loops as a third party strategizer
  • Technology process check-ups
  • Regulatory alignment
  • Evaluation and recommendation of process and technology
  • Prevent aimlessly throwing money at new products that don’t solve problems
  • Data integration support and remove business practice silos
  • Full service IT management
  • Optimize Telehealth, fieldwork, and other mobility practices

Let us know how we can support you and the communities you serve.