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Healthcare organizations and educational institutions are responsible for an unprecedented amount of mandated trainings to stay compliant with accreditation, licensure and government regulations. The financial impact to maintain consistent training services has a direct impact on patient care quality. Cost-efficient trainings have a direct impact on clinical budgets and client experience.  2020 saw an even greater financial strain as large and small organizations both experienced dramatic increases to training spending. According to Training Magazine, large companies (10,000+ employees) spent $4.3M more on training from 2019 to 2020 and small companies (100-999 employees) increased their training spending by 38%. How much does it cost to train healthcare providers and educators compared to other industries? Healthcare organizations report spending an average of $108 per month on each of their employees while educators spent more than $156. The global average is less than $93. 

As leaders, we must assess our training systems and identify opportunities for improvement. Organizations spent 10% more money on outsourcing their training processes in 2020 compared to 2019 and this trend isn’t going to slow down. Organizations and instructors who choose to outsource their training are not just saving time, but also relieving stress from other internal systems that are overworked. Instead of hiring trainers, outsourcing frees up recruiters and benefits managers to focus on other critical positions. Instead of researching, purchasing, and implementing your own learning management system (LMS), outsourcing eliminates the IT manpower invested in your training systems. Ultimately, the most significant reason to outsource training is cost savings. If someone else is already providing the trainings that you need, it’s cheaper for them to add your staff to their classroom than it is for you to manage your own training team and necessary infrastructure. In the world of zoom, almost anything can be scaled to fit. Not only can a dynamic training partner save you time and money, but also expand the available trainings to your staff and provide trainings that your teams will be more invested in.

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