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Deciding to hire a consultant can be a difficult decision for an organization, especially a non-profit trying to balance a tight budget and mission-focused strategic plan. Spyglass Solutions works with for- and non-profit organizations, schools, policy influencers to help meet the evolving needs of their communities while tactfully navigating internal obstacles and challenges. To help you to make this important decision, we’ve put together a list of the top 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Consultant to achieve your goals.

  1. Objectivity. An external consultant brings with them an objective perspective on your organization. Whether you’re dealing with an operations challenge, training or recruiting logistics, strategic planning, marketing, or information technology improvement, an unaffiliated professional won’t be influenced by existing processes or organizational culture. They can guide you based on overall best practices and outside perspective.
  2. Expertise. A consultant may have expertise that you can’t find within your organization. You hire employees based on the current demand of your business. If you’re looking to expand or grow into a new sector or business vertical, what do you do if none of your current staff have experience in that area? Establishing a temporary relationship with an external consultant can be a strategic advantage in breaking into new markets. A consultant can assess, inform, and train your staff to make sure that you’re not wasting time or valuable resources approaching a new revenue stream from the wrong angle.
  3. Support. In healthcare and education, we’re used to scraping by with barely enough manpower to get the job done. Unfortunately, just getting the job done doesn’t allow for growth. This becomes the great catch-22 of small business and community organizations. You can’t grow if all of your resources are invested in providing your current business offering. Hiring a temporary consultant will help you pass this hurdle by bringing in expert reinforcement to support your mission in taking that critical step towards long-term growth and sustainability.
  4. Relationships. A consultant may be a temporary member of your team, but they can also open doors to new resources and relationships that you didn’t expect to find. When hiring a consultant, you’re not only bringing on additional staff, you’re also exposing yourself to a professional with years of expertise who may be able to help you to build relationships with other key players in the same field. These relationships will help you to maintain success even after the consulting relationship has ended.

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