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Spyglass is the exclusive provider of the Oasis Certification; an innovative solution to enhance individual and group support in schools, communities, and healthcare environments. Oasis uses carefully curated products, supplies, and materials to develop safe, comforting, and engaging spaces which are facilitated by a Certified Oasis Administrator (COA) to relieve common and critical human distress. Oasis is a dynamic service developed to support professionals, students, clients, and patients. These are some of the uses for Oasis:

The Oasis Certification is a one-year membership which includes a comprehensive Administrator training, Core Kit of Oasis products, and retention of the Advanced Oasis Response Team. To become a Certified Oasis Administrator (COA), professionals must complete a three-day training. Administrators complete the initial training and will then renew their certification annually. COA training curriculum:

  • Crisis Theory
  • Disaster Response
  • Assessing Impact
  • Informing People of Loss
  • Restructuring Events
  • Reactions to Events
  • Identifying Difficult Points and Working Backwards
  • Psychoeducation
  • Oasis Didactic
  • Oasis Demonstration
  • Oasis Practice
  • Trauma-Informed Post-Event Debriefing

In a survey of more than 100 professionals who have worked with Oasis, 99% said that they would recommend Oasis to their colleagues. Although Oasis services were initially developed to provide crisis aid following a critical incident, the application of our deliverables have evolved to effectively promote individual and group self-care. Your Certified Oasis Administrator will be able to use Oasis to engage with professionals, clients, and students prior to event escalation, and support emotional health wellbeing from a holistic approach. By engaging early, Oasis will reduce the rate of staff burn-out and minimize the risk of behavioral crisis.

After being trained, your COA will be provided an Oasis Core Kit containing more than 50 carefully selected tools which they will use when providing Oasis services. The Core Kit has been developed to include a variety of resources that can be used when working with professionals, students, or clients. Administrators will be trained on how to identify the best tools to use in specific situations.

After eleven months of certification, your COAs will receive the usage survey from Spyglass which will ask for feedback on the services that you’ve been providing. This survey will be used to cultivate your renewal kit. Administrators will be scheduled for recertification and will receive a new box of materials that have been selected based on your usage survey.

The Advanced Oasis Response Team

The Advanced Oasis Response Team is a highly trained group of professionals located in Pennsylvania who have responded to organizational, institutional, and community crisis for decades. Certain situations may require more help than your COAs can provide. By being an Oasis Certified Facility, you will retain the Advanced Oasis Response Team to support you in times of extreme crisis. The A-Team will engage all groups and individuals impacted by an event including clients, students, staff, and families. We have flexibility to respond to incidents on-site or virtually. Some of the events that our team has responded to:

  • Terror attack on September 11, 2001
  • Natural disasters
  • Major accidents
  • COVID 19 pandemic
  • School shootings
  • Community violence
  • Student suicides and accidental deaths
  • Staff deaths

As an Oasis Certified Location, your facility will be branded as expert in crisis aid and trauma-informed processing. Displaying the Oasis “HEX” is a symbol of self-care and care for others. The model doesn’t work unless we work together to support each other. It’s by supporting each other in good times and in crisis that we’re able to make the greatest impact on the lives of those who we work with.

Learn more about becoming an Oasis Certified Location by contacting us at or by calling 610-799-7400.