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As an agency or organization considering a consultant to help support your operations or development goals, one question that frequently goes unanswered is: “What happens when our contract with a consultant expires?” There are a lot of benefits of hiring an external expert as a contracted employee, but one possible downside is that you’re acquiring high-level acumen for a limited period of time. When that acumen goes away, can your organization organically persist the work that was provided by the consultant? For example, many healthcare agencies rely on experienced outside help when researching, evaluating, and implementing a new electronic health record (EHR). A consultant can help support your committee functions, influence procedures, expedite timelines, and save valuable resources by bringing a wealth of knowledge to your firm. But, what happens when that wealth of knowledge goes away? Does your team inherently possess the ability to move forward without stuttering? 

These questions should all be asked when you’re vetting a consulting agency to contract with. Many agencies want to focus on the scope of work and billable hours. A typical proposal will include these and a schedule without thorough consideration for the post-project plan. Spyglass Solutions understands that although our work stops at the conclusion of our contract, our partners’ will be responsible for forwarding the organization using the work that we’ve done.

The Spyglass Solutions innovative CAP-BE approach to consulting focuses on developing a relationship with our partners and providing individualized solutions to unique challenges. After an engagement is complete, our consultants and leadership will schedule time to follow up with you, answer questions, and debrief pertinent staff. Our partnerships extend beyond the scope of an individual project and we will maintain open and transparent communication throughout, culminating in a wrap-up meeting to ensure that we’ve met and exceeded your expectations.

Consulting agencies rely on the trust and success of our partners. Although a proposal may have an established start-and-end date, our expectation is that there will always be necessary follow up. When executing an engagement, it’s critical to our partners that the solutions being provided go beyond the scope of the contract and provide long-term success.

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